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The top 5 ways Trump has made America Great Again, SO FAR!

By Donald Trump Collectables Admin July 05, 2017 0 comments

Since January, the White House and Washington in general have been engulfed in a flurry of activity spurred on by the new president. Despite consistent attacks from Democrats in Congress, much of this activity has been geared toward fulfilling President Trump's campaign promise to "make America great again." Here are just five of the major policy milestones Donald Trump has reached in his first few months in office.


Getting the AHCA Through the House


Perhaps President Trump's most impressive accomplishment thus far has been working with House Republicans to pass the American Health Care Act, even after having to withdraw it ahead of the first scheduled vote. House passage of the bill represented an important step toward repealing and replacing Obamacare, a core part of the president's campaign platform. The House vote also showed Trump's ability to work together with different wings of the Republican Party to accomplish his goals.


Hard-Line Policy on North Korea


Since North Korea's announcement that it is working toward a viable intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching North America or our allies in Japan, President Trump has adopted a much tougher stance on the communist nation than his predecessor. Already, his administration has made it clear that North Korean aggression will no longer be tolerated.


Backed a Plan to Roll Back Dodd-Frank


Although less publicized than the AHCA, a bill to roll back the financial regulations instituted by the Dodd-Frank Act has been working its way through Congress. The Financial CHOICE Act would reduce restrictions on commercial banks, lowering fees and encouraging lending to stimulate the American economy. Donald Trump and his team have backed this bill as part of comprehensive regulatory reform.


Proposed Expansion of Military Spending


True to his word on the campaign trail, President Trump outlined a budget proposal with a significant increase in military spending built into it. The administration claims that this increase will be largely offset by cuts to less essential areas, meaning that taxpayers will not have to bear a heavier burden to pay for a strong and robust military. The Trump administration has also taken early steps to improve veterans' health care.


Reaffirmed Support for American Manufacturing and Energy Sectors


Through policy measures such as withdrawing from the Paris Agreement and calling for a national security review of dependence on foreign steel, Donald Trump has shown a strong commitment to American manufacturing and energy production. These industries, the heart of the United States economy, have struggled under expansive regulation during the past several years. Under President Trump, these pillars of economic productivity are being reinvigorated.

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