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The most hysterical overreactions to President Donald Trump’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin have accused President Trump of treason; compared his performance to Kristallnacht, Pearl Harbor, and the 9/11 attack; declared war against Russia; and called on the U.S. military to remove President Trump from office in a coup.

All of these hysterics are predicated on the idea that Trump is a hapless victim of Putin’s sinister manipulation, if not an outright agent of the Kremlin, a veritable Manchurian candidate. Those allegations are difficult to stomach when looking at Trump’s actions towards Russia. His administration has been quite hard on them. It is not difficult to make the case he has been tougher than his predecessor Barack Obama, especially considering Obama’s soft response to what his party now insists was an “attack” on par with Pearl Harbor.

7 Ways President Trump Has Been Tough on Russia:

1. Sanctions

The Trump administration imposed several rounds of tough sanctions against Russian individuals and entities over the past two years.

2. Russian diplomats and intelligence officers expelled

Another action Trump voiced reservations about but proceeded with anyway was the shuttering of the Russian consulate in Seattle in March, along with the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomatic personnel and intelligence officers.

3. Cybersecurity

President Trump’s National Security Strategy made cybersecurity a top priority and named Russia one of the top threat vectors, in addition to repeatedly citing Russia as a major military and economic security concern.

4.  Enforcing arms control violations

The Trump administration punished Russian companies in December 2017 for helping the Kremlin develop a cruise missile that violated Cold War arms control treaties.

5. Weapons to Ukraine

The Trump administration approved the sale of $41.5 million in lethal weapons to Ukraine in December 2017, taking a step to defend Ukraine from Russian aggression that the Obama administration refused to take after Congress authorized such sales in the 2014 Ukraine Freedom Support Act.

6.  Enforcing the “red line” in Syria

President Trump ordered missile strikes against Russia’s ally Syria in response to the use of chemical weapons by dictator Bashar Assad. Trump directly called out Russia for supporting the Assad regime and taunted the Russian military for its inability to protect the “gas killing animal” in Damascus from American weapons.

7. Trump approved pre-summit indictments

When the Justice Department announced the indictment of 12 Russians on charges of election meddling just before his summit with Putin, it was widely assumed by the president’s critics that DOJ timed the indictments to rebuke and embarrass Trump.

Instead, it was reported on Tuesday that President Trump made the choice to announce the indictments only 72 hours before the summit, believing it might “strengthen his hand in the talks” with Putin, as sources put it.


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7 Ways President Trump Has Been Tough on Russia Despite Wild Charges of Treason

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